New RIBA approved CPD now available from Alumasc

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Alumasc CPD SeminarAlumasc has recently received RIBA approval for a new CPD, “Objective-driven specifications for Green, Bio-Diverse and Blue Roofs“.

The 45 minute presentation outlines the key factors to consider when designing a green roof including waterproofing, drainage layers, substrate and plant species.

Focus is also made on the variety of green roofs designs and how each system can offer benefits to meet drivers such as Regulatory Compliance, Carbon Capture, Ecological enhancement and amenity space.

Also included within the seminar is an introduction to BluRoof Stormwater Management Systems, a solution to SUDS. Detail is offered regarding design factors, system build ups, stormwater attenuation calculations and common concerns.

Henry Bareham, author of the new CPD, has received very positive feedback from architects who have attended the seminar. He says:

“The seminar has been designed to offer specifiers a guide to the range of green roof design options that provide solutions to the variety of legislative drivers and employers requirements.”

“BluRoof is a relatively new concept to many designers, the seminar offers an introduction to a system that provides a solution to the stormwater runoff design constraints faced by Architects and Drainage Engineers.”

If you would like any further information on the seminar or to book please click here.

If you would like any further information Alumasc’s Roofing Systems call us on 03335 771 500


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