International Finance Centre, Building 6

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The International Finance Centre (IFC) encompasses Super Prime Grade ‘A’ environmentally rated office buildings, aligning with the Government of Jersey’s infrastructure objectives. These buildings offer high-quality and adaptable office spaces to support Jersey’s primary industry.

Providing modern and functional office spaces is crucial in supporting the growth of local businesses. Spearheading this effort, JDC is delivering a world-class business district, characterised by the highest calibre office buildings in Jersey.

IFC’s building design integrates numerous environmental and energy-saving measures, resulting in a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating for its initial three buildings. These buildings set a new standard for office accommodation in Jersey, boasting superior quality, design, and specifications. They offer abundant natural light, column-free floor plates, highly glazed unitised facades, and expansive public areas.

Client Brief

Construction of IFC Jersey is meticulously phased, ensuring each building is customised to meet demand
requirements. JDC stands as the pioneering local developer, having designed the first BREEAM ‘Excellent’ and ‘Outstanding’ office buildings in Jersey.

To maintain sustainability and lifecycle credentials at the forefront of the design specification for IFC 6, Reza Schuster at the ROK Group engaged with our team to identify and specify the correct single sourced solution for the new phase of the build.

Alumasc Roofing has been involved in previous phases of the development, highlighting our strong collaboration with the ROK Group. Together, we prioritised meeting all essential client requirements, emphasising efficient design, sustainability, and lifecycle credentials.

A Sustainable High-Performance Solution

Following thorough consultation with the architect and Alumasc the standout waterproofing solution was
Hydrotech, which offers versatility across various applications, including roofing, green roofs, podium decks, and structural waterproofing, making it ideal for this installation.

With a history spanning over 50 years, Hydrotech stands as a trusted solution, supported by the highest levels of certification and testing standards. Hydrotech offers a fully bonded, 100% seamless application to roofing structures. Applied as a liquid to the substrate the Hydrotech product is composed of a proprietary blend of refined asphalts and synthetic rubbers, incorporating 30% recycled content, Hydrotech ensures unbeatable waterproofing performance with a focus on sustainability.

This seamless integration mitigates the risk of leaks and water ingress, thereby strengthening the building’s defence against potential water damage over its lifespan. With its durable composition and extended service life, Hydrotech minimises maintenance requirements, enhancing the sustainability and resilience of the structure. This system was selected as the primary waterproofing solution for the project, serving as the design’s cornerstone.


The International Finance Centre’s highly exposed position presented significant challenges in terms of location and planning.

Our technical department played a pivotal role in collaborating with all stakeholders. Consulting with architectural consultants and construction teams to address numerous intricate design elements across various roof zones. This included the flat roof areas and a sizable terrace spanning the entire perimeter of the 4th floor of the building, both featuring an inverted roof build-up with hard landscaping above.

The Alumasc Roofing Technical Team, in conjunction with our registered contractor Fox Contracts, worked closely to provide a specialised design and expertise for intricate detailing, waterproofing, and interfacing with AWMS Skyline Copings. The skilled team at Fox Contracts demonstrated exceptional workmanship, complemented by numerous installation inspections by our site technicians. Attention to detail and meticulous planning were crucial, particularly concerning roof penetrations, to minimise visual disruption while ensuring the secure installation of roof equipment above the primary roof structure.

Unparalleled Protection

To summarise, the Alumasc Hydrotech Hot Melt system with its 35-year warranty emerged as a durable, robust, and adaptable waterproofing solution for the IFC 6 building. The versatile waterproofing solution was able to provide the client with unparalleled protection against water ingress. The Hydrotech system could also accommodate the intricate design details within the roof design details with ease whilst delivering total performance.

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