Chatsworth Mill, Manchester

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The former Chatsworth Mill site in Gorton, Manchester has been transformed into a redevelopment
project dedicated to social housing. The development’s thoughtful design prioritises not only visual
appeal for passersby, but also long-term satisfaction for its residents.

This comprehensive scheme seamlessly integrates with its immediate surroundings, contributing positively and enhancing the character of the local area. The project will provide a total of 40 homes across four storeys, 16 two-bedroom and 24 one-bedroom apartments, with car parking facilities for all residents.


Alumasc Roofing stands as the preferred supply chain partner for Watson Homes. Over the past 18
months, a collaborative effort has taken shape, leading to the development of various project-specific
specifications that are both technically and commercially sound, while also exuding aesthetic appeal.

When Watson Homes found themselves in need of a roofing solution that was lightweight, durable, and
cost-effective, they turned to the Alumasc team. Our experienced technical expert worked closely
with the client from the early stages of design to ensure we offered the right solution for their project
needs. We did this by providing our ‘Total Design Solution’. Creating a project plan to cover all aspects
and milestones of the project from brief, solutions design, specification, installation, right through to site
management and completion.

Ultimately both parties agreed that Alumasc’s Alkorplan mechanically fixed single-ply membrane
possessed all the requisite attributes to deliver a successful outcome for the Chatsworth Mill project.

100% Waterproofing

Specifically engineered for waterproofing and roofing needs, the Alkorplan reinforced single-ply
mechanically fixed membrane finds widespread use in flat or pitched roofs across commercial, industrial,
and residential properties. It has proven to be versatile and suitable for various diverse applications,
including both new construction and roof replacement projects.

Manufactured from durable multi-layered thermoplastic 1.5mm PVC-P roofing membrane reinforced
with a glass fleece, ancillary components, insulation boards and air and vapour control layers (AVCL).
Alkorplan has a proven track record of almost 45 years and is subject to the highest levels of certification
and testing. These membranes are renowned for their resilience against weathering, further enhanced
by their ease of installation. Notably, the impeccable execution of this project was accomplished by our
registered contractors Enviroply Roofing in a remarkable timeframe of under 90 days.

The inclusion of “reinforced” in the product’s name denotes the incorporation of a reinforcement layer.
This innovative layer imparts increased strength and dimensional stability to the membrane, rendering it
ideal for mechanically fixed systems.

Given its mechanical fastening method, this type of membrane is purpose-built for secure attachment to
the roof deck or substrate, ensuring a robust and dependable roofing system.

Alkorplan membranes primarily serve waterproofing applications, showcasing exceptional resistance
to water intrusion, and effectively safeguarding the underlying structure from potential moisture-related

40 Years Life Expectancy

Alumasc Alkorplan is specifically designed to provide lasting protection over the long haul. Boasting BBA
certification, its durability is enhanced by its resilience against UV radiation, drastic temperature changes,
and harsh weather conditions. Exhibiting top-tier fire performance, Alkorplan has undergone BRoof (t4)
testing, ensuring that the Alumasc Alkorplan roofing systems are engineered to deliver reliable protection
with an anticipated lifespan of over forty years.

Requiring minimal upkeep, Alkorplan stands out as an economical, sturdy, and sustainable roofing
solution, making it an excellent fit for the Chatsworth Mill project.


In our dedication to serving our clients, we offer comprehensive services including the provision of
specifications, standard and bespoke detail drawings, U-value calculations, drainage plans, and wind
load assessments, all tailored to the agreed-upon solution. We also provide ongoing support throughout
the process as needed. Our Site Technician team conducts site visits during the installation phase to track
and document progress through regular update reports. This meticulous approach guarantees that all
warranty requirements are satisfied.

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