Hydrotech MM6125 Hot Melt Waterproofing Independently verified by Underwriters Laboratories – 30% recycled content.

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hydrotech hot melt waterproofing systemsHydrotech Structural Waterproofing contains an impressive post-consumer recycled content of 30%, making it the choice of professionals in an ever-growing sustainable environment.

Independently verified by Underwriters Laboratories – Hydrotech offers 30% recycled content.

Hydrotech Hot Melt 30% Recycled Underwriters Laboratory

The Hydrotech component formula is a unique combination of recycled materials found exclusively in Hydrotech, including rubber crumb from used tyres, process oil and inert fillers, along with the basic bituminous element. These recycled products are typically disposed of via landfill, therefore, the heightened use of these post-consumer materials within this hot melt system helps save the landscape and the atmosphere.

REACH Compliance

Hydrotech is additionally fully compliant with the REACH legislation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), which originated as a mandatory regulation of the European Union, implemented to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the from the risks that can be posed by some materials.


Not only does Hydrotech contain sustainable raw materials, it also uses hydro-electrical power as the primary energy source in manufacture. These manufacturing procedures are independently audited to the ISO9001 Quality Management Standard, and the product is imported under Alumasc’s ISO14001 Environmental Management system, thus ensuring that upstream production processes are monitored for their environmental impact and that careful consideration are made in terms of packaging, transport and disposal to deliver as sustainable a construction product as practicable.

This particular hot melt system also has over 50 years of proven zero project failures worldwide, on projects of all types and sizes.

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