Green Roof Maintenance Case Study – Roundabout Cottage, Salisbury

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Following Blackdown Green Roofs initial installation of the green roof at Roundabout Cottage Salisbury in February 2014, Blackdown has continued to provide high quality maintenance of two roof areas.

The roof was initially planted with sedum plugs, a diverse selection of over 25 species of hardy succulent plug plants, supported by a minimum of 70mm of extensive substrate and 25mm drainage layer. This provides attractive plant cover with a range of colours, shapes, heights and flowering times and periods. Maintenance is necessary to ensure the initial establishment of the green roof’s planting.

IMG_1618It is recommended that the installing contractor retains responsibility for the roof’s maintenance during the important early stages of establishment and preferably beyond.

A variety of wild flowers, herbs, grasses, alpines and bulbs can equally be incorporated; varying the substrate depth to suit (70-150mm).

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