North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust Undergoes Sustainable Refurbishment

Posted by Ashlea Williamson

Client Brief and Design

Alumasc Roofing’s understanding of the client brief is evident at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust who needed help towards becoming carbon neutral and more sustainable.

Maintaining NHS Trust property of roughly 28.4 million square metres whilst in constant use is no mean feat. The Trust initially tasked Alumasc Roofing with delivering a full condition report across both the University Hospital of Hartlepool and the University Hospital of North Tees.

Environmentally Focussed Solution

After intensively working together to reveal the extent of the work needed, the technical report recommended a full refurbishment roofing solution to ensure minimal disruption whilst giving maximum long-term performance. In total at North Tees, 6 large roof areas were refurbished and 3 at the Hartlepool site. This approach would prevent further damage, prevent waste from re-roof and crucially minimise disruption to the staff and patients.

Alumasc’s full range of products were installed on the refurbishment: rooflights, tapered insulation, rainwater goods, Alumasc’s Self-Adhesive Olivine membrane in a flame-free application, and Alumasc’s Caltech cold-applied liquid systems.

The cold-applied product was chosen so it could be laid safely without the need for naked flame in a very sensitive working hospital environment. Low odour liquid was selected to ensure there was no loss of comfort to staff and patients.

Sustainable Performance

The olivine felt system will save the Trust the equivalent of 44,750km travelled by car of CO2 during the life-cycle of the roof.

The roofing system is comprised of a CO2 neutralising, reinforced SBS polymer modified bituminous waterproofing membrane, underlays, insulation boards, and air and vapour control layers.

Our Self-Adhesive Olivine system not only requires a flamefree installation but is surfaced with a natural olivine granule, a magnesium iron silicate. The olivine granules initiate a chemical reaction with CO2 from rainwater which converts to silicon dioxide (sand) and magnesium carbonate, two elements harmless to the environment.

1m2 of olivine has the capacity to capture approximately 1.75kg of CO2

The Trust has a 25 Year warranty for the works and has a fire classification of BROOF (t4) in accordance with BS EN 13501-5.


Local Alumasc Site Technicians keep a close eye on the installation process and feed back to the client with regular progress reporting, cost reports and images. The Technicians, Installers and Surveyors worked throughout winter during the pandemic in a highly sensitive infection control environment. Additional access and PPE considerations for each area were tightly controlled.

“I’d like to give you a bit of feedback on the reports because working with a number of different roofing manufacturers I think Alumasc Roofing are certainly outshining the rest when it comes to keeping the client up to speed on how things are going. Your Surveyor communicated survey reports regularly and was always on hand to ask any technical questions and explained the processes. This level of cooperation ensures the Contractors deliver a quality install for the Trust.

The regular reports help understand the progress of each project, what is outstanding, and any issued rectified. This was vital when reporting back to my Director and the Board for budgetary purposes. Please keep this up because it certainly is working and a valuable asset to the Trust.” Glen Newby, Design and Development Manager, NTH Solutions.

Area Manager Matty Hyson adds, “delivering much needed refurbishment to the NHS is what it’s all about for the Alumasc team. Pulling together during the pandemic and achieving projects like this really makes a difference.”


Spread across two large sites, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust is an integrated hospital and community services healthcare organisation serving around 400,000 people in Hartlepool, Stockton and parts of County Durham.

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