Alumasc Waterproofing Systems – “Versatile & Robust”

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Alumasc along with Cambridge Flat Roofing are currently installing over 6500 m2 of podium, roadway, communal and private gardens for the Stoke Quay, Ipswich project.

Stoke Quayside


Stoke Quay is a large development of private & social housing for Genesis Housing, built by ISG construction as a flagship project at the Quayside in Ipswich.

The project utilises the Hydrotech Hot Melt Waterproofing System, Derbigum GC Waterproofing and Blackdown’s Green Roof system.

Stoke Quay has some extremely challenging elements to its construction as the site will need constant access to all areas due to the need to be able to continuously deliver products in a very small, constricted area.




The waterproofing system for the project needed to be versatile & Robust to withstand large volumes of traffic delivering building materials. Once complete the waterproofing will then have Asphalt road ways applied above. The chosen system also needed to facilitate a phased installation and withstand the weight aspect of installing hard and soft landscaping.

Alumasc Roofing Systems showed that having a complete Hydrotech, Derbigum & Blackdown Green Roof system met the requirements & stood out as the best value solution. The Alumasc waterproofing system for this project comes with a 35 Year warranty.

The systems’ versatility allowed for phased installation to the details & upstands first and also allowed for the phased installation to the perimeter details and up-stands to be carried out first and also allowed for all trades to continue work along with no disruption to deliveries. Once these areas were completed, the Hydrotech system was installed to the flat area, followed by application of a Blackdown Intensive Green Roofing System. The Hydrotech membrane was also used for tanking walls and for expansion joints, again indicating the systems versatility.

The robustness of the Hydrotech Waterproofing System combined with a Derbigum GC 5mm protection layer allowed for the waterproofing of the access roadway, which was then left exposed/uncovered to allow vehicles to deliver trade materials. At a later date the roadway waterproofing was covered with the Alumasc FC-6 & road asphalt. For the green roof areas the Blackdown Green Roof Drainage board also showed its robustness by allowing dump trucks to drive over it to distribute the engineered Blackdown intensive roof garden substrate, along with the required planting specified on the scheme.

Frank Besant, Area Manager of Alumasc Roofing Systems along with The Alumasc Roofing Systems Technical Team worked very closely with Richard Jackson Engineers, James Blake Associates, Living Architects and ISG in various pre-contract meetings to ensure the details and products specified met the extremely challenging requirements of this project and site conditions.

For further details on Hydrotech, Derbigum, Blackdown Green Roofs or Alumasc’s full range of roofing systems email roofing@alumasc-exteriors.co.uk or call 0333 577 1500.

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