Alumasc Complete Delamere Forest 10k Commando Trail

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On the 17th July 2016, five of the Alumasc team set out on a gruelling 10k race through the mud, also known as the Delamere Commando Trail to raise money to fight coronary heart disease with the British Heart Foundation.

untitledThis 10k trail is set in the outstanding Delamere Forest Park, running through multi-terrain and varying underfoot conditions. Along the way, there were sandbags to carry, Camouflage nets to crawl under and water slides to conquer.

David Luukas (second from right), Ashlea Williamson (central) and Jay Connelly (left) from Marketing, Michael Walton (second from left) from Purchasing and Chris Buckley (right) from Technical bravely completed the challenge! The race completion times are as follows:

Mike Walton = 1hr 32mins

Jay Connolly = 1hr 36mins

Dave Luukas = 1hr 44mins

Ashlea Williamson = 1hr 55mins

Chris Buckley = 1hr 55mins

The run was in aid of the British Heart Foundation. “Coronary heart disease is the single biggest killer and we are leading the fight against it.”- BHF. If you would also like to donate to this cause, in order to tackle this difficult fight, follow this link to create a just giving page









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