Vernon Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne

Posted by Ashlea Williamson

The development at Vernon Street in Ashton-Under-Lyne saw the creation of 23 modern and contemporary apartments. Nicknamed “Cottonopolis” in the 19th century, this modern three storey building was specifically designed to pay homage to the heritage of the local area and recreate the historic Manchester cotton mills from days gone by.

Client Brief

Watson Homes provide sustainable developments, future-proofing social housing schemes for their valued clients. As their preferred supply chain partner, we have worked extensively with Watson homes, producing a detailed specification in-line with their requirements for this project.

Alumasc’s Alkorplan system was a key element in meeting all the requirements needed. A 20-year warranty ensured a technically robust system, with a proven track record of almost 45 years, it is subject to the highest levels of certification and testing. Meeting all current building regulations & guidance.

Due to the local area being well known for its cotton mill industry, the appointed Architects – TADW’s brief was to design a building to “embrace the rich heritage of the area”. The architects impressive roof design, in addition to installing Alumasc’s Alkorplan roof profiles gives the building a pleasing aesthetic finish – replacing the need to use a standing seam roof.

Highest Levels of Certification

Alkorplan is a solution suitable for mechanically fastened applications. Ideal for lightweight fast-track construction, the system is fully adaptable to meet the individual requirements of every project across all building sectors.

The system comprises of a multi-layered thermoplastic 1.5mm PVC-P roofing membrane reinforced with woven polyester, ancillary components, insulation boards & air and vapour control layers. This is a highly effective system with excellent tensile strength and durability. Perfect for residential properties like the Vernon Street development.


The first stage of the installation was to loose lay the vapour control layer, as this would be mechanically fixed into position at a later stage. This mechanically fixed PVC system has the advantage of being easily removed at the end of its life and recycled back into the production to process into new raw material.

Outstanding Performance

The insulation layer was then installed utilising a 200mm Alumasc FF PIR Insulation. This was specified due to the U-Value requirements and its high level of thermal efficiency.

To complete the build-up, the Alkorplan by Alumasc Reinforced Membrane was mechanically fixed in a dark grey colour was installed to compliment the visual design of the project.

Finally, to achieve the desired aesthetic requirements Alkorplan profiles were used to give the appearance of a standing seam roof finish. Creating a stylish and attractive design with substantial cost savings.   

Challenges and Collaboration

This was a challenging yet rewarding project. The roof was designed as an alternative to a traditional pitched roof, using the Alumasc Alkorplan Single-Ply membrane to create a sleek look for a modern build. The roof was finished with Alkorplan standing seam profiles, which complemented the finish perfectly offering an aesthetic alternative to zinc, slate, or tile.

Using our collaborative approach, we worked alongside our approved contractor Enviroply Roofing, who have completed an impeccable job installing the waterproofing with precise placement of the profiles. They overcame the restraints and challenges that come with a multi-pitched roof and the waterproofing was completed in a record time of under 3 weeks.

The result is a high performance, durable, sustainable, and visually appealing building in keeping with the area’s history and heritage, which will be enjoyed by future residents for many years to come.

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