Edgewood Road residents and shop owners provided with new Euroroof Flat Roof System

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78c – 100a Edgewood Road is a three storey mixed usage development – fully occupied, single floor retail and two storey residential property in need of urgent attention.

Edgewood Road Shops and Flats, Birmingham

The problem…

The existing roof construction was a pitched roof, finished with a bitumen felt waterproofing system. The general condition of the existing waterproofing system was extremely poor and in need of urgent attention. A full site inspection was undertaken by Alumasc; where it was clearly visible that numerous attempted repairs had been performed throughout. Serious points of failure were identified with multiple points of tearing and splitting of the original membrane.

damaged edgewood roofThe deterioration of the original waterproofing system had exposed the deck; with the decking exposed to the elements structural integrity was severely compromised – the decking was saturated and coming apart to the touch, this presented real dangers to the residents below and the operatives throughout the refurbishment. There were no doubts that the current bituminous waterproofing system had far exceeded its serviceable life.

The original waterproofing system at Edgewood Road incorporated a decking board; this particular decking system is no longer classified as a suitable structural deck and therefore needed to be removed and replaced with a suitable alternative.

The extent of the deterioration was evident through the roof area. Large deflections between the rafter centres were visible providing clear indication that the decking was compromised. Large splits and cracking on the original oxidised bitumen waterproofing membranes allowed inspection of the deck from the external; high levels of water entrapment were confirmed within the decking material in multiple locations across the roof.

The Solution…

The refurbishment of the roofing system incorporated the removal of the existing deck and replacement with a suitable Plywood/OSB3 deck in accordance with the Alumasc recommendations and current building regulations.


An essential part of the provisional work(s) was to address issues with the timber frame that had suffered from Dry/Wet rot as a result of the previous ingress. New timbers were cut in to replace the damaged areas; this ensured the structural integrity was restored prior to the installation of the new decking material.The Euroroof BUR Warm Roof System, incorporating thermal insulation, through to the final waterproofing membranes provided a suitable replacement for the failed system. The refurbishment addressed the compromised decking and waterproofing system while providing a long term effective solution and meeting Alumasc’s guarantee criteria.

_DSC5149-750pxReplacing the system with Euroroof Built Up Roofing (BUR) waterproofing system incorporating insulation achieved the required minimum u-value of 0.18 W/m²K. Euroroof systems offer enhanced performance properties including flexibility, excellent fire ratings, stronger reinforcement and ease of application on site.

The use of Flame free detailing and field area encapsulation was imperative to all areas of combustible materials, therefore the use of Euroroof Self Adhesive Vapour Control Layer (SAVCL) PLUS applied in ZK primer was implemented during the strip and replacement of the decking. This application technique will limit any potential fire risk through this refurbishment. The use of the specified torch applied membranes were then adopted once the combustible materials had been fully encapsulated.

edgewood road birmingham roof refurbishment

One of the main challenges with this project was the curved profile to the pitched roof construction. Bespoke manufactured rolls were installed to pre-determined roll lengths to maximise coverage and minimise site waste. This process also provided the final installation with no head laps through the length of each installed roll therefore heightening the waterproofing strength. The high quality workmanship of the team from Brindley Asphalt Ltd ensured that the project has been completed within timescales and to the highest of standards.

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