Bio-Diverse Green Roof Key Features

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Blackdown bio-diverse green roofs provide the ideal opportunity to recreate or replace lost or missing habitat. Having a defined goal, i.e. re-establishment of birds such as the Black Redstart or encouraging the digger wasp Nysson trimaculatus, helps Blackdown specifically tailor the bio-diverse specification to those needs.


A wide range of plants can be incorporated into a bio-diverse green roof depending on what is to be attracted to the roof. Typically the planting will be in the form of plugs, including drought tolerant wildflowers, herbs and grasses. Specialist seed mixes that will help replicate a specific habitat can also be used.

Blackdown Bio Diverse Systems Build Up

Key Features


Blackdown bio-diverse substrate is ideally suited for this type of habitat re-creation. The substrate will be composed of recycled clean crushed bricks with a very wide granulometric distribution and a mineral based soil.
By mounding the substrate and including habitat incidentals i.e. shelter stones, piles of mixed aggregates and partially buried logs etc, the completed installation can be made both eye-catching and varied.


Waterproofing options typically include suitable root-resistant bituminous membranes from the Derbigum and Euroroof ranges.


Warranties are available for the Alumasc waterproofing system used in the green°roof build-up.

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