Alumasc provides long lasting roofing solution for one of London’s premier new addresses: The Whitehouse Apartments

Posted by Ashlea Williamson

Boasting iconic views over the River Thames, taking in the London Eye, Big Ben, and the iconic Houses of Parliament, Waterloo’s shining Whitehouse Apartments are iconic in their own right.

Standing fourteen stories tall among the Southbank’s cultural swathe, the impressive, polished residential buildings, have recently been completed with state-of-the-art Alumasc Derbigum roofing.

Craig La-Thangue, Senior Contracts Manager at Acclaim Contracts, who installed the roof, explained, “Our project at the Whitehouse Apartments was very enjoyable to complete, for many reasons, including the spectacular view, and of course working with Alumasc Derbigum membranes, as the high-quality product made the project run very smooth.”

Over the entire 2200m2 roof area, Craig and his team first removed the old roofing that was in place—which just so happened to also be an Alumasc product!

“When we got up there, we were surprised to find that the roof that was in place was actually still in good condition,” Craig explained. “It had been up there for 30 years, but the only places that were showing serious signs of wear were the patches around installations such as air conditioning units and skylights that had been installed after the roof was laid.

“These roofing membrane patches were from another brand, which hadn’t fared well at all, and had visibly deteriorated to the point where they were letting in water.

“Over time, this would cause damage within the building that could lead to other more serious problems further down the line, so it was important for us to replace the roof and do a good job.” 

Derbigum is a high-performance waterproofing membrane that carries a BBA certificate confirming its service life in excess of 40 years. It offers performance properties including excellent flexibility, fire ratings, strong reinforcement and ease of application.

Derbigum is ideal for warm roof applications; its high melting point ensures it will remain stable even in the hottest weather. Alongside this, the polyester/glass fibre reinforcement within the membranes provide high tensile strength.

Giving specifiers and contractors peace of mind, Alumasc Derbigum membranes are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

The project ran smooth from start to finish, from December 2018, to April 2019: “The only obstacle was the sheer size of the project!” commented Craig.

“Working with Alumasc is always hitch-free. We have worked with them on a number of other projects and they always have been reliable. Even if there is an issue, it’s sorted out quickly, efficiently and professionally. It makes us feel very confident in both the company and the roofing products,” Craig concluded.

Keep up with Acclaim Contracts and their current projects here: acclaimcontracts.co.uk/

Find more about Alumasc Derbigum Roofing here: alumascroofing.co.uk/products/waterproofing/bituminous-membranes/derbigum-flat-roof-membranes/

Find out more about the full Alumasc roof refurbishment offer: https://www.alumascroofing.co.uk/support/

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