Alumasc provide Glasgow City Council with a single sourced, sustainable building envelope solution for Ellerslie Road, Glasgow

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Constructed by CCG, The Ellerslie Road Development is a new build, high rise residential project located in the Yoker district of Glasgow on the northern bank of the River Clyde and is the tallest CLT building in Scotland.

Alumasc Facade VBriQ Aricco system high rise building in GlasgowCross laminated timber or CLT is a structural, prefabricated panel used to form environmentally sustainable, walls, roofs and floors across a wide range of structures. The gluing of both longitudinal and transverse layers, which reduces the movement of the wood, means that CLT more than meets the standards required by modern building materials. CLT allows for quicker construction adding further sustainability compared with traditional construction methods.

Alumasc Exterior Building Products sets itself apart within the marketplace by providing a single source solution for the full envelope of any building project by combining the products and expertise of Alumasc’s various systems. These key benefits include unparalleled, single point technical assistance, extensive warranties and ongoing post-project support in relation to the full exterior of the project. Mast Architects specified Alumasc’s Roofing Systems, Façade (Walling) Systems, Rooflights and Harmer Drainage Outlets.

Flat Roof System:

Derbigum Olivine warm roof system in glasgowWith sustainability being a key part in the construction of Ellerslie Road, a Derbigum Olivine warm roof system was installed to provide a highly effective insulation for the roof areas. Derbigum Olivine cap sheet is coated with natural granules that neutralise CO2 found in rainwater upon contact. Olivine is also a fully BBA Certified solution which includes a durability statement which includes a service life of more than 40 years.

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Alumasc provided full technical support throughout, particularly when providing the cut to falls BGT Polyisocyanurate insulation system to help provide added drainage efficiency.

The combination of these elements helps make the building more energy efficient by achieving a 0.13 U-value and improve the atmosphere on the outside. Alumasc Rooflights were also installed around the roof to allow the desired daylight to enter the building. 510m2 was installed by Alumasc Registered Contractors Hugh L.S. McConnell Ltd.


Alumasc VBriQ Aricco GlasgowDue to Yoker’s Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) pre-fabricated construction, Alumasc Façade Systems’ Lightweight VBriQ Aricco was installed as it is specifically designed for use on timber frame constructions, providing a ventilated façade to protect the structure from the effects of moisture/water ingress. Again, the Alumasc technical team provided comprehensive support from start to finish. The ventilated cavity ensures that the timber substrate is kept dry in accordance with TRADA recommendations by allowing the building to breathe and prevents interstitial condensation.

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The system provides aesthetically pleasing, UV resistant synthetic brick slips that can be replicated to almost any brick type – Sanctuary Scotland opted for Mid Brown, Traditional Brick Style (see pic). Furthermore, in keeping with CLT construction, VBriQ Aricco is quick to install (often upwards of 10 m2/day). With the inhabitants’ safety being of paramount importance this system provided the perfect solution having achieved an A2 fire-rating (A2-s1,d0). VBriQ Aricco is also backed up with BBA Certificate 15/5211. The system is also highly weather resistant in relation to wind driven rain, this was also key due to Ellerslie Road’s location alongside the River Clyde. 1100m2 was installed in total.

Benefits of Alumasc’s single source building envelope solution

Exploiting the combined expertise of Alumasc Roofing and Facade Systems allows a truly single source building envelope that we believe is integral to a system of this nature. Alumasc’s nationwide network of registered contractors combined with our own site monitoring team(s) ensures compliance with the warranty and codes of practice are observed through to completion.

The holistic approach to the design allowed for interfacing to be performed pre-contract allowing for installation on time, on budget and without compromise in terms of quality.

Split responsibility may result in the use of various trades and contractors, which in turn may lead to installation errors, damage to materials or negative warranty implications. The Alumasc Single Point Warranty limits this.

Alumasc’s single point warranties assure CCG and Sanctuary Scotland that if they require any further support in relation to this project in future it can be swiftly and efficiently provided from one single point of contact. This also includes details designed by Alumasc or any workmanship queries.

To find out more about Derbigum Olivine Click Here, for more Alumasc Facade Systems information Click Here. Alternatively to speak to our technical team call 03335 771 500.

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