30-year old plus flat roofs still going strong

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Alumasc Roofing Systems’ Derbigum bituminous membranes provide over 40 years durability and last year gained updated BBA certification confirming this. However, prior to the updated certification being published over 700 million m2 of Derbigum products have been installed worldwide since 1932. This proves the immense reputation the Derbigum product holds amongst specifiers throughout the world.

We have looked back at some flat roofs that have been installed over 30 years ago which are still performing as if they were installed yesterday, from around Europe.


Examples of 30 year plus projects:

Arcelor-Mittel, Dunkirk, 260,000m2. Install date: 1975


H1, Hill of Rubislaw, Aberdeen, 1,000m2. Install date: 1983


Arcelor-Mittel, Mardyck, France, 225,000m2. Install date: 1973


Motor Parts, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belguim, 3,000m2. Install date: 1983


These projects demonstrate the undeniable strength, durability and peace of mind that has been provided to specifiers for almost 90 years.

Derbigum continues to grow its range to meet current market needs, heavily focussing on sustainability. Derbigum’s latest market-leading technologies include Derbigum Olivine – the CO2 neutralising bituminous membrane, through to the highly durable Derbigum VAEPLAN single ply.

Initially, Euroroof (now part of Alumasc) provided a 10-year guarantee back in 1977. These were the early years of the APP Derbigum waterproofing membranes. The product was unique in structure and composition. Nevertheless, the quality of the polymers and bitumen have improved, and over the years our knowledge of the raw materials have increased dramatically, therefore Derbigum continues to evolve.

The long-lasting properties of Derbigum are also due to high levels of quality control, next to the selection of our raw materials. Suppliers Derbigum have a very extensive quality control during and after production.

Alumasc have evolved this offer and now provide a full 40-year service and support offer for installed Derbigum flat roofs in the UK – our promise provides clients, developers and contractors with complete confidence and long-term peace of mind in the roofing system specified on their project.

Ultimately, if the quality of installation is not of the highest standards projects will not survive as long as hoped, therefore, Alumasc provide fully trained, registered contractors on all their project installs in order to ensure the correct and long lasting installation is provided.


If you would like a copy of the Derbigum BBA certificate click here

If you have a project that may benefit from a Derbigum flat roof system or have any queries please contact us today on 03335 771 500 or email info@alumasc-exteriors.co.uk

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